If you are dog tired of tossing and turning all night, staring at the ceiling and counting sheep a new memory foam mattress may be the answer to your prayers. Memory foam is a unique material which softens in response to body heat and moulds to your body’s unique shape. It provides superior support by significantly reducing pressure points and it increases comfort by offering a warmer and cushioned sleeping experience. Moreover memory foam gradually returns to its earlier shape after use. It has its origins in space travel and was developed by NASA in the sixties. Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular but it is not easy to choose the best possible mattress for you. Before you “boldly go” read this guide who will help you understand the technology and determine your choice of best memory foam mattress.

I can remember buying a memory foam mattress many years ago and still remember the experience. It was different than the other mattresses that I had bought prior to my memory foam mattress. It was the foam in the mattress that made you feel like you were like sleeping on a cloud. I can remember from that point on that I slept so soundly that I would miss hearing my alarm in the morning. The memory foam mattress was well worth the cost because I could tell that my sleep patterns were improving which was improving my overall health.

  1. No more having to wonder how to fall asleep at night.
  2. No more having to think about that old tired and lumpy mattress that I threw out in the trash and never wanted to see again.
  3. No more feeling like I needed to move around on my mattress every fifteen minutes trying to get adjusted to the mattress.
  4. No more feeling like the mattress was too soft to support my back in the right way. I was feeling really great all because of my memory foam mattress.

This was a good thing to feel that I was improving my health from sleeping on a mattress. I knew that I had made the right investment and that I would never invest in anything again other than the memory foam mattress. I just could not wait to get home every day and get under the covers and onto my new memory foam mattress. Day by day I began to feel like a new me. There was something satisfying about sleeping on this memory foam mattress. I wanted to know more about what memory foam does for the body, so I read some magazine articles and reviews to see what memory foam is and how does it help the body’s support system?

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Sleep Innovations 12

Sleep Innovations SureTemp Mattress

Get up to 77% Off
Type: Sure Temp Foam
Overall Thickness: 12 Inch
Materials: Visco elastic and Sure Temp
Reduced pressure points and Comfort

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Get up to 77% Off
Type: Gel Memory Foam
Overall Thickness: 12 Inch
Materials: Polyurethane and Gel Foam
Removable silver-infused cover and hypoallergenic

Slumber Solutions

Slumber Solutions Mattress

Get up to 0% Off
Type: Gel Memory Foam
Overall Thickness: 12 Inch
Materials: Polyurethane and Gel Foam
Cradles your body, Comfy and Good Price

Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Get up to 48% Off
Type: Eco-friendly foam
Overall Thickness: 8 Inch
Materials: Quality foam and Polyester layering
comfortable, Soft and Best Value

Serta 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

Serta 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

Get up to 63% Off
Type: Gel Memory Foam
Overall Thickness: 12 Inch
Materials: Polyurethane and Gel Foam
Serta exclusive 3-layer construction

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is polyurethane, with additional chemicals, that increases the viscosity and density of the mattress. The higher density memory foam softens to the reaction of a warm body allowing the memory foam to mold to the body shape, allowing you to rest easier. When the body gets up, the memory foam has faster return to its original structure or shape. This is a claim that many memory foam manufacturers talk about, saying that this is the advantage of memory foam over other types of mattresses.

What is Memory Foam Density?

Memory foam has densities of low, medium and high. Obviously, high density foam mattress products have a higher price as well. Also, the low and medium have a shorter life span of 4 years, compared to the high density mattress whose life span is 6 years. However, it has been shown that the low and medium density mattresses have worked just as well, and sometimes better than the high density. Knowing and understanding the density of the memory foam mattress will let you know a lot about its characteristics. It can also tell you what brand or model of the memory foam mattress.

Memory density is usually at an owner satisfaction rate of 80% among these contouring abilities, features and characteristics of the memory foam mattress. The characteristics include: owner satisfaction, price, durability, less back pain, no initial odor, motion isolation, no sleeping hot, firmness options, not overly firm, contouring ability, easy to move on, floating, cloud feel, suited for all positions, lightweight, good for sex and the warranty.

Memory Foam VS Latex Mattress Types

While Memory Foam and Latex Mattress types are similar, there are some important differences as well. Both mattresses offer support by conforming to the body. A Memory Foam mattress is made of memory foam while the Latex Mattress is made of latex. While both mattresses are strong, the memory form makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, because of the foam while latex mattresses tend to be springier. Also, memory foam mattresses, unlike latex mattresses tend to be more temperature sensitive. A memory foam mattress also comes up superior to the latex mattress with regards to pressure relief.

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Memory Foam Mattresses VS Memory Foam Toppers

The Memory foam mattresses have accessories like the Memory foam toppers that adds extra comfort and support. The mattress and the topper do very different things. While the memory foam mattress is there to be the main support system, the memory foam topper is just a supplement to the support that the memory foam mattress gives to the body.

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Tips in Choosing a Memory Foam Mattresses

When attempting to buy a memory foam mattress, think about the cost that you are trying to pay. Think about the features that you will need. Will you need a traditional memory form mattress or do you need the gel infused that adjusts to your body’s temperature?

Also, think about the density of the mattress. Other factors include: how easy is it to move on the mattress, is there an initial odor from the mattress, what brand of memory foam mattress do you prefer, is the memory foam mattress lightweight, does it have the cloud feel, is it durable, what kind of warranty does the memory foam mattress have?

All of these are questions that should be written down before buying a memory foam mattress. Make sure and ask the sales person enough questions to allow you to feel comfortable with the memory foam mattress that you are about to purchase. Then take your memory foam mattress home and enjoy it for many years to come.

You should compares memory foam mattress reviews to see which brands have the best value on the market today. When choose best memory foam mattress is really a matter of personal preference. Everyone has a different notion of what the ultimate in comfort is and what’s not comfortable at all. The following factors should be examined before determining your purchase.

Memory Foam Mattress Density

A key factor in choosing the top memory foam mattress is the density both of memory foam topping and core. This is measured by weight in pounds. Low density mattress will be 3.5 lbs or less and high density mattresses are 5ilbs and more. The higher the density the greater the support and the longer you might expect the mattress to last. On the other hand a lower density mattress may be less inclined to trap heat and therefore may be more suitable for warmer climates. It stands to reason that a heavier person should opt for a higher density mattress.

Thickness of Layer

Comfort is determined by the quality and thickness of the layer of high tech viscoelastic material which is temperature sensitive.

Firmness of Mattresses

The firmness of a mattress is a matter of personal taste as we all know from Goldilocks’ story. In order to get mattresses which are “just right” shoppers should be guided by manufacturer’s indications and should always try before they buy. Most people prefer a medium to firm mattresses but it is an entirely subjective decision.


Higher quality and newer generation mattresses will have a more rapid responsiveness which means the contour returns to its original shape more quickly after it is pressed. This might suit someone with limited mobility as it is easier to get out of bed. Memory foam mattresses with a lower responsiveness may feel like you have fallen into quicksand. The responsiveness will also affect the heat of the mattresses with higher responsiveness being linked with a cooler bed. Because it responds to heat, a memory foam mattress may feel harder in a cold room or when you first turn in at night. It should quickly become soft and supple as the bed temperature is warmed.

Shop for Mattresses By Brand

There are various types of available on the market now, which you will be aware of if you have read memory foam mattress reviews. Many shoppers will be guided by reputable brands when choosing the top memory foam mattress. A number of manufacturers have an excellent reputation and track record in producing best memory foam mattresses. Leading brands include the following:

Sealy Optimum Memory Foam Mattress

The Sealy Optimum range scores highly for comfort, pressure point relief and is relatively cool. It may not have the same longevity as its competitors. Sealy is very competitive on price.

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Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress

Tempur-Pedic is frequently seen as the benchmark by which mattresses are judged. Tempur-Pedic mattresses have very high levels of durability and an excellent lifespan. The brand is widely available and overall its reputation is very good. However the mattresses are frequently as much as 50% more expensive than other mattresses with the same specifications. Another complaint is Tempur-Pedic is not forthcoming or clear about the products specification. Without doubt the industry leader is the Tempur-Pedic foam mattress which compares very well to other brands. It was a pioneer in the range however if cost is an issue it may not be the best choice. The brand tends to be more expensive.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattress

Simmons is another reliable brand with a 25 year warranty and excellent comfort levels. It has been found however to be excessively firm and there is a real problem with heat trap in some of the models. There is also more limited availability.

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

There are three types; Traditional, Gel based and plant based. The traditional memory foam mattress remains the most popular kind which relaxes and softens when the body’s heat comes in contact with the mattress. The organic or plant based version is popular as an environmentally friendly option. Some models of new generation memory foam mattresses have either a one inch or two inch layer of gel-infused (gel memory foam mattress). This foam is designed to be especially supportive and gel based material provides a cooler mattress. The gel infused memory foam mattress that infuses a gel into the mattress, making it cooling to the touch of the body. The gel adjusts to the temperature of the body, where it is not too hot and not too cool.

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Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

  • Enables better sleep with all the health benefits associated with being properly rested.
  • Less pressure points support joints and are excellent for people with back or orthopedic painless pressure points increases circulation of blood circulation.
  • Excellent for people with allergies as it is anti-microbial and anti-dust mite which allows the sleeper to breathe more easily.
  • Decreased motion transfer so you will not be disturbed by a restless sleeper beside you.

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The Best Mattress Features to look for:

  • Usually memory foam mattresses cannot be turned over however you can flip them around.
  • Look out for a mattress with handles which makes this a lot easier to manage.
  • Look at the thickness of the layers within the mattress as some brands may use filler in the core which may affect the life span and the levels of comfort.
  • The top memory foam mattress has a quality core as well as topper.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Short Reviews

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam

Those that want to get a great nights rest while in comfort should consider a Sleep Innovations mattress. Sleep Innovations was designed to give the support that is needed while keeping one’s temperature right where it needs to be all night long in order to provide the best comfort. The mattresses are made of a two layer 12-inch open cell memory foam. The first layer is 2.5 inches of SureTemp three-pound density memory foam, and the other 9.5 inches is a layer of support foam. This helps provide a maximum of therapeutic support that is needed.

It has been found that those that sleep on this mattress do not find themselves tossing and turning in the middle of the night anymore. They find that they are sleeping in the position they went to sleep in which provides them the best spinal alignment.

Sleep Innovation mattresses are vacuum packed when they are shipped. It does measure 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. The mattress does come with a 20 year manufacturer’s limited warranty when they are purchased. This helps provide comfort for several years to come.

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LUCID Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID brand mattresses come in different sizes in thickness. There is a six inch, eight inch, ten inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, or 16 inch in thickness that can be chosen from. The price will vary amount the sizes as well. The mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king. This ensures that no matter the size of mattress that is needed individuals will be able to find the one that will fit their needs perfectly. The LUCID website helps match up the perfect mattress to each sleeper trying to order one online. A mattress can be matched up by the sleeper’s size no matter if it is from an extra large framed individual or a child that needs a mattress.

The LUCID mattresses purchased do come with up to 25 year limited warranty on them. This helps individuals needed the best to feel even more comfort knowing that their mattress is covered for several years to come. Those with back problems have found that they no longer wake up with achy backs since they started using the LUCID mattresses. They instantly notice the difference after sleeping on the LUCID mattress after one night.

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Slumber Solutions Memory Foam Mattress

Slumber Solutions understand what comfort means to people. They took the time to create the best memory foam mattress. The mattress is designed to fit individual needs. No two individual’s bodies need the same type of mattress. The mattresses available are made to fit different body types, ages, and budget. The mattresses purchased are delivered right to the door of the individuals who bought it. They are easy to unpack and prepare to sleep on. The memory foam mattresses come in a small sized box for convenience. Once they are opened, they will inflate themselves to the size purchased. Some mattresses can take up to a full 48 hours before they are fully inflated to the size they are suppose to be.

The Slumber Solutions gel memory foam mattresses are perfect for those that want better control of the temperature at night. It has helped many stay cool during their sleep. The mattress will conform to the individual’s body to provide the best comfort and ensure their body is not sore after a long nights rest. The Slumber Solutions Company will help individuals find the perfect mattress they need for their needs from the variety of options available.

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Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

After years of studying, Signature Sleep has been able to design the top memory foam mattresses. Signature Sleep is committed to the quality they provide in the mattresses made. The prices are affordable to ensure that everyone can sleep in comfort and afford it at the same time. All of the mattresses shipped from Signature Sleep are compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed. This helps with shipping and moving the mattress into the proper room easier. The box just has to be opened and wrap has to be removed from mattress. Overtime, the mattress will fill out to its proper size. Some will get to their size by the time the sleepers are ready to sleep on it the day they received it.

Many have found the Signature Sleep mattresses an absolute dream to sleep on. It has helped those that used to be sore from getting out of bed in the mornings to feeling refreshed and without aches and pains. There are multiple sizes available to fit all types of bed frames. The Signature Sleep mattresses are perfect for both children and adults.

Serta Gel Memory Foam Mattress

These heat activated foam mattress by Serta helps relieve pressure points as the sleeper sleeps. Most will wake up with aches and pains due caused by their current mattress. As soon as they purchase this new, gel memory foam mattress the aches and pains go away from the first nights rest. There is no turning or tossing on this mattress. Now, sleepers are waking up feeling completely refreshed since they do not get disturbed during their deep sleep.

All of the Serta brand mattresses have been tested by a third-party laboratory. They have passed the studies and qualify to help individuals with physical performance that is needed by a mattress. This brand also offers the lowest price guaranteed. It’s their goal to meet the prices of their competitors and give people a great deal on a mattress that will truly make a difference for their body and peace of mind. Many of found this deal a great opportunity. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, they can get an amazing product at a price they can afford to pay. This helps many to get several mattresses to fit the needs of their entire family.

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