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It naturally cures your back and neck pain, so you don’t have to keep taking painkillers. It’s very firm, yet still soft on the top layers. You will not be disappointed by the comfort levels offered by this mattress.


Product Description

Insufficient sleep affects every aspect of your life. You won’t function optimally when you’re tired or when you’re getting headaches due to lack of good sleep. However, one of the things that determine whether you’ll sleep better or not is the kind of mattress you have on your bed. If it’s not doing anything to enhance your sleep, then perhaps it’s time you ditched it for a new one – The Red Nomad 10 inch mattress (Memory Foam).

If you’re looking for the best price mattress that will contribute to a flawless slumberland experience, then this naturally hypoallergenic memory foam mattress will get the job done. It’s a fact that when you go to shop for any memory foam mattress out there, you’ll find them in 3 lb or denser foam as top layer. The densest we’ve seen is 7.5 lb. So the Red Nomad 10 inch luxury foam mattress is the first one to ever come in 2.5lb density top layer foam.

You see, the usual notion is that thicker is better. However, according to the reviews we’ve come across, we realize that users are saying how 2.5 lb layer is just as good – actually offering amazing results they never imagined. We consulted Amazon and we discovered that it already had over 300 user reviews, of which most of them were positive, and this was pretty good report for such a low density foam mattress. Therefore, in this review, we’re going to dig dipper into the key features and capabilities of this product.


The manufacturer purposefully developed this mattress with chiropractic therapy in mind. Consequently, the mattress supports key pressure points across the body so that you don’t end up with body and neck pain in the morning – like what some mattresses subject you to.

Generally speaking, the comfort level feels just right. We would describe it as not too sweet, but again, not too salty. It’s firm enough to offer maximum support, especially to those who love to lie on their tummy or side. But it’s also important to realize that when you’re used to a spring mattress and then all of a sudden you shift to a memory foam mattress, your body will need to adjust. So you’ll feel strange for a couple of days because the various pressure points are being supported for the first time – hence the difference.


The fact that it has a CertiPUR-US certification means it’s been tested for durability among other standards. CertiPUR-US certification is a program with very strict standards that are meant to examine a mattress for its longevity, emission and other elements. So when you buy this product, expect that it will serve you for many years to come. You won’t need a replacement any time soon.


This foam mattress is 10 inches thick with 3″ 2.5 lb. It has also been designed with 7 inches polyurethane foam base to add to the comfort level of the mattress itself. So even if it might not rival other foam mattresses in terms of thickness, it’s a good option for people who are more concerned with comfort as opposed to thickness.


Definitely when you want to buy such a mattress, it’s in your best interest to consider all the features that the product comes with.

First though, this is a breathable best price mattress which upholds high comfort levels in bed.

You see, it’s been made of bamboo cotton cover coupled with high quality memory foam material, which means you won’t have heat/sweat problems at night. Heat problems have been a major concern among people who buy memory foam mattresses. However, this problem has been eradicated with this mattress.

Again, because the manufacturer of this mattress only used premium material memory foam materials to design it, it means you’re only getting upgraded ventilation, which helps to maintain conducive temperature when you sleep at night. Definitely this adds to the overall comfort level of the mattress itself.

Furthermore, the mattress comes enclosed in a zip-off hypoallergenic material, as well as anti-dust bamboo washable cover. This feature makes it the best mattress for those who are sensitive to allergens or dust. And since it’s washable, you can always remove the cover and get it washed so that you’re able to enjoy a hygienically-sound mattress, free from dust and other harsh elements.

Again, when you buy this mattress, it’s recommended that you let it expand for about 5 to 6 hours. During this time, you will discover that there’s no chemical odor emitted by the mattress whatsoever – something that the manufacturer deserves to be accredited with. Most people complain about some type of chemical odor when they buy other brands. But that’s not the case with this luxury memory foam mattress.


When looking for the best price mattress out there, you are also looking for the kind of support a mattress has when sleeping on it. We haven’t encountered any user saying how bad support was. Instead, they were praising the fact that this mattress could support all those pressure points across the body, so they were able to sleep better throughout the night. The only review that touched on this issue highlighted the fact that someone would feel strange when sleeping on it for the first time – and that’s because the body is not used to the kind of support it’s being given when lying on it.

Again, in terms of customer support, orders are processed as quickly as possible. You can choose same-day shipping and the product will be delivered.

Red Nomad Mattress
Red Nomad Mattress

Red Nomad Mattress 10 Inch – Check Price


  • You will not be disappointed by the comfort levels offered by this mattress.
  • Chiropractic patients can also benefit from sleeping on it.
  • It’s a low cost mattress that you can rely on.


  • If you are a very slender person, you may not like the firmness.


If you’ve read this bamboo mattress review to this end, then it means you were out to get a low-cost memory form mattress that would address your comfort needs without sacrificing on important aspects of your sleep. The mattress we’ve just reviewed is currently riding on 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, a good sign that it was liked by the first lot of customers who bought it. The Red Nomad mattress sticks to what it says it will do. It naturally cures your back and neck pain, so you don’t have to keep taking painkillers. It’s very firm, yet still soft on the top layers. Comfy is the only word we can use to describe it. Therefore, if you’re tired of what you’re currently sleeping on, don’t be afraid to place an order and be among the people who are rating it.

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Red Nomad
Memory Foam Mattress
4.5 / 5 stars