Bedding seems to always attract more stains than anything else in the house. From pets, to kids, to drinks to mud – keeping your bed clean can seem like a constant fight. Because of the difficulty posed, some memory foam owners are inclined to take their mattress for professional cleaning. While this is an option, it is a very expensive one. Cleaners have the tools needed to effectively disinfect and remove stains, but they will charge for the extra effort and product they will use in the process. However, it is very possible to clean your memory foam mattress at home. Choose the best memory foam mattresses can make a bed more comfortable, increasing one’s overall quality of sleep and the health of the back and neck. Memory foam mattresses are popular for older mattresses and overly firm mattresses like those found in dorm rooms or in some apartments. They are great additions for anyone who suffers from back pain or restless nights caused by discomfort. However, they are still bedding and require the same amount of cleaning and maintenance as any other bedding. Unfortunately, do to their size they can pose particular frustrations when trying to remove any stains or when it’s simply time for a good scrub down.

How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Test a Small Portion First

Memory foam mattresses are not inexpensive, and whenever using a new cleaner on one always test a small corner before moving on to any extensive amount of the pad. To do this, remove the mattress from the bed and place it on something to protect the floor beneath your work area. This is a precaution for if the cleaning solution soaks though the foam. Next, wash just a small portion with baking soda mixture described below. Allow a few hours to pass and for the corner to dry completely. If all seems in order with no discoloration or stiffening, proceed with the rest of the mattress as follows.

Use a Mild Mixture for Stain Removal

Remove any solid dirt before beginning. Next, use a mild stain removal to lightly spray large stains. Do not smear this around; simply allow it to soak for a few minutes before soaking up excess moisture with a few paper towels. Absorb as much as possible, do not be stingy with the paper towels. The more you are able to get out of the stains now the better the rest of the cleaning solution will perform.

Clean the Rest of the Pad

The best mixture for cleaning a mattress memory foam topper is a homemade one. Mix one quarter cup of baking soda with a single quart of cold water, then add a small drop of dish washing liquid and stir the mixture. Apply this solution to the dirty parts of the mattress, trying to avoid soaking the entire topper. Having the entire thing soaked through with water will actually not get the mattress cleaner.

Remove Excess Water

Use a towel or a wet/dry vacuum to remove the cleaning solution. Then, rinse the mattress with clean water and rags. Repeat this process twice. Then, sprinkle it with another cup of baking soda after it is relatively free of excess water. Find a place for the pad to safely dry. This could be outside on a railing or inside with a fan. Either way, allow the mattress to dry completely and then vacuum away the remaining baking soda. In the end, the pad should be clean and fresh smelling once more.